Country Head’s Message

I, Munazza Nauman extend a very warm welcome whether you are prospective student, parent or a teacher. I want you to gain the flavor of the standards of BICN that makes us special and unique all over the world.

At BICN, we are committed to provide academic excellence in positive learning environment by shaping the character of young generation. The whole team of BICN is united to promote good human beings by injecting the spirit of honesty & truthfulness, hard work & commitment, sincerity & positivity, devotion & determination, respect & tolerance.

Think tank of BICN believes in 100% completion of syllabus at college by extra couching, individual assistance and smart planning.

Along with curricular activities, extra curricular activities work as a stimulus for our individuals.

BICN policies are designed to give answers of many queries which arise in the minds of parents like social and environmental negative influence on youth, inflation and security measures. Insha, Allah BICN will provide  a unique platform where students, parents and teachers will put combine efforts to save this young talent by providing international standards of education, character building and promoting teachers’ respect.

BICN prides itself to have a family oriented and caring atmosphere. Our leaders, The Chairman Sir Javaid Iqbal and The Principal Dr. M. Afzal Khan are the source of inspiration and symbol of dedication for the whole community. I  ensure you that your child will feel secure, confident and happy to learn.

Being professionals in education, we feel high by following the set path of our beloved    Holy Prophet (SAW)

Above all, we are happy college and you will be assured a warm welcome and we are very much looking forward to meet you.

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