General Rules governed the students are below. All the students are advised to read them carefully, and abide  by the college rules, regulations policies, ethics moral code & college administration from time to time.

Violation of these rules will result in punishment ranging from fin toe expulsion from the college.

  • Punctuality to class timings and proper discipline in class rooms & laboratories will be strictly monitored
  • Dress code of the college must be strictly observed.
  • Institution will not in any case be responsible for nay loss suffered by the students
  • No student is allowed to loiter and move aimlessly in college premises / college canteen.
  • Misconduct with any teacher or student will be answerable and can be charged with punishment
  • Every part of the college building shall be kept clean e.g. walls, equipment/ fixtures, models, specimens etc. should not be damaged. If any damage occur students , would be charged accordingly.
  • Any political / immoral activity is strictly prohibited in & around the college premises.
  • Use of mobile phone, jewelry & cameras are restricted in the college premises and the disciplinary committee may not return it.
  • All the students should keep the college identity cards during their stay in the college & during college functions.
  • Without the prior permission from the principal, no student is allowed to paste/ exhibit any poster, leaflet, notice, brochure, handout, in the college premises.
  • Parents/guardians are expected to cooperate and interact with the office regularly to discuss the progress of their wards in academic/ moral development.
  • Late comers in the classes must submit their explanation letter with the signature of their parents guardians/ vice principal
  • For leave/absence, the students must apply in writing the reason for her request , with the signature of parents/ guardian.
  • Any false information on the application form may render the students liable to expulsion from the college
  • Students are not allowed to indulge in abusive language/ fight.
  • The college reserves the rights to make, amend and introduce any rule when it is considered appropriate.